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Leaning Star Winery


Leaning Star --- Wines and Cider Wines

From the back country roads of Gresham, Oregon

This has been a very busy fruit year.  It is our first year of doing all self-grown fruit.  That meant heading out and tending almost daily, so we could then craft our new Cider Wines to represent our land.  A land that we love and respect.  A land we plant and tend, without sprays throughout the year.  Along with our veggie garden, this includes Apples, Pears, Berries, Grapes, Honey and Herbs.  This is a land that produces great with just sunshine, water and love.  We then harvest, crush, brew and blend.  We hope you enjoy the Wines and Cider Wines, we have to offer this year.  Enjoy a Taste of Gresham.

Starlena Simon , Leaning Star