Nancy J Smith


As a professional nature photographer, Nancy J. Smith, a native Oregonian, delights in capturing images that reveal nature in its purest state. All images are shot on film without the use of colored filters or manipulation because she believes nature is beautiful in its purest state. She’s always been “green”, producing her 6-time national award-winning Majestic Pacific Northwest calendar for the past 26 years in Oregon on high-quality recycled paper.

From an early age, she was intrigued and curious about nature.  Nancy grew up camping, hiking and fishing with her family in the wilderness areas of Oregon.  Truly a modern-day explorer, she loves venturing off the beaten path in search of extraordinary images. Her deep connection with nature, and a desire to preserve it,  inspires her to create full-color photographs, award-winning wall calendars, and colorful note cards along with outdoor apparel to share the beauty with others. She wants to educate and inspire others, so fascinating text accompanies the photographs in her calendars.
Encouraging kids to connect with nature is her current aspiration. "If kids don't experience some of the things I have, they will have lost so much as part of growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest".

Most recently, she received her 6th national award for Best Scenic Photography on her Majestic Pacific Northwest calendar! Other awards include, the Ray At Memorial Award on her “Wispy Mt. Hood” photograph, and a blue ribbon on her “Watson Creek” image at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. 

Thanks for being “on the trail” with Nancy J Smith!
"Remember to Relax, Enjoy, and Appreciate the Beauty of Nature" tm
---Nancy J. Smith 


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