Joanne Sharon
Ceramic Art

  Artist Statement:

I've always had a hard time thinking up an artist's statement.  You know, where you have to say where you get your inspiration and what drives you to do what you do.  It's simple, really.  I do what I do because I love doing it and I can't imagine not doing it.  And honestly, what a blessing is that.

Nature is what inspires my work.  My life always seems to find a way into the clay - from sights and memories - to found objects that actually become part of the piece.  I am so lucky to live on 20 beautiful acres in Northern California with a more-than-supportive husband, two dogs, a cat, and seven chickens.  Constant inspiration.  And constant entertainment.

Aside from the joy of working with clay and the feeling of wonder after the work is done, sometimes coming out in ways that I never consciously intended, I get pleasure from a person who picks up one of my creative offerings, connecting with it in the same way I do.

Every one of my pieces is made by hand and has it's own personality.  I work in Raku and Stoneware and strive to incorporate the four elements - earth, air, fire, and water - in playful ways.  Working with clay - or playing with mud - is a process of discovery that never ceases to amaze me.

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