Dale Larson
Wood Turning

Dale lives in Gresham, Oregon and has been turning for over 31 years.  His specialty is turning bowls  from local hardwoods like Madrone and Big Leaf Maple.   His bowls are in four art galleries: The Real Mother Goose in Portland, Oregon,  Northwest Fine Woodworking in Seattle, Washington, The Wood Merchant in LaConner, Washington and Appalachian Spring Galleries in the Washington D.C. and Richmond,  VA areas. 

Dale has demonstrated bowl turning and spheres at four AAW Symposiums, the Utah Symposium, the Ripon Symposium (England), the Rocky Mountain Symposium and at chapters around the Northwest.  He has  taught at the John C Campbell Folk School twice.    

Dale has a number of  published articles about wood and woodturning in the following journals: The American Woodturner, World of Wood, Woodworker West and Woodturning Design.

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